Reverend HoneYbeaRd

The online electric chapel of Reverend Honeybeard AKA Moon Voice AKA The Adorable Snowman AKA Heaven's Coffee Mug AKA Prime Minister Of Blanket Forts AKA Persistent Forehead, AKA Magick Beard AKA Tripwire Tongue aka Rabbit Heart.

Hello wanderers! It is I, the Good Reverend Honeybeard, Vagabond Minstrel, AKA Needs-New-Socks, AKA Holy Blister, and this is my online electric chapel. Here you will find ministrations in the form of music given to me by God(dess) and all the Rabbits Of Heaven. Scroll downward, or swipe downward, or think upward, and feast upon the bounty that i have returned to the artworld in thanks for its gifts bestowed to me and to all of us.

Telepresence on Bandcamp

Dear Celebrant, I was granted a boon, the holy gift of music, and so I in turn offer it up to you, an electric hymnal of sorts. I have named it "Telepresence." You may step into the stream and listen to it, or you may proceed to the Bandcamp page to stream or buy it.

30 Songs In 30 Days

It is I, Moon-Voice, Light-Catcher, Last-Ditch Prayer, your Reverend Honeybeard & I have been charged to create 30 songs in 30 days. These be those songs, posted once a day. The requirements are: that I post one song a day; that all work on the song be completed in 1 24-hour period. That I love my fellow humans & thirst for joy. So say we all, darlings, so say we all.

Weekly Services

The Good Reverend minsters to his Tumblr congregation here, his Twitter congregation here, his Soundcloud congregation here.

Mail Through The Aether

Missives & misgivings may be electronically mailed to: moonvoice {at} reverendhoneybeard {dot} com